Welcome to Tiny Sanctuary. I stumbled on my first tiny house online in 2001, since then I lived in progressively smaller homes until one day I decided to build my own tiny house on wheels. Now after truly living tiny, all I can think of is living within the smallest footprint possible, at the same time incorporating the tiniest household products/items offered to try to live a truly off grid homestead lifestyle on the micro side. Even though you will find many different things and/or categories here, it all will be a part of the tiny living lifestyle. The thing is I've come to love the simple things in life and I can't explain how liberated I feel living exactly the life I wanna live every day. I truly find joy in every single day that I'm given. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Page so you can see the newest videos as they are uploaded.

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Tiny house shell

We sold our last tiny house a while ago and we've been on somewhat of a vacation, possibly moving ourselves and our tiny operation to another state... You can always check back here occasionally to see if new models are on the build list... We will most likely start producing shell only models in the future with completed exteriors and stud only interiors due to customer requests that wish to have a blank canvas inside to create their own dream they built themselves. 

Composting Toilet​

Here is model 2 of the composting toilet, the urine diverter and 2ft hose are included. These toilets come as a kit flat-packed in six pieces that just need to be screwed together with a phillips screwdriver. Toilet seat and bucket not included.


Customer is responsible for purchasing their own toilet seat and procuring a five gallon bucket or container of their choice. 

  • Shipping to the continental United States only.

  • Does not ship to Alaska or Hawaii 

Sold Out

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