We spend a fair amount of time looking into all the bits and pieces for an off grid tiny lifestyle enviroment. We've compiled a collection of small but useful items for campers, rv's, trailers, tiny houses on wheels or small off grid cabins to enhance your tiny lifestyle. When you make the conscious decision to live tiny you have to downsize everything in your life, sometimes the smaller couterpart to a full size item will work just as well in downsized enviroment, it will take up less space and it will probably consume less energy. This is just a short list of stuff we like and it's here to make you think and to basically be an idea generator for you...   

FoodSaver FM2000 Vacuum Sealer

Aways good to have on hand to store that lucky hunt or that bargain bulk purchase... Costco steak sale, here I come ! Foods stored in the freezer can last up to 3 years, rather than 6 months...

Olympian WAVE-8 LP Catalytic Heater

 4200 - 8000 BTU/hr Heats up to 230 square feet... No electrial or battery connection make it the ideal solution for off grid cabin... operate silently-no fan or blower noise... operates on low pressure gas, and can be wall mounted or used as a portable unit...


Drill mounted Deburring Tool

Three reinforced sharp shaving teeth safely grind the bolts layer by layer... Just a neat tool when you need it... 


Wireless Intercom Security System

Wireless intercoms system, NO telephone wires needed... Built in rechargeable battery. Works with or without electricity. Adapter works on AC 110V...  Long range communication distance up to 800m

11,000 Lumen Flashlight

OMG ! Light up the night as if it was day ! Great tool to have out in the wilderness...  Firefly mode is 3 lumens for 28 days continuous, or how about Turbo mode 11,000 lumens for 85 minutes...


Recycle old propane tanks you may find 

Take old propane tanks that you may find or acquire for free that are out of date back to you local Walgreen's or convenience store and exchange them for safe newer tanks with years left on them... go to https://bluerhino.com/propane-finder for a location near you...

Presto 06300

Another good item to have on hand for food storage and prep... Maybe not so good for off grid because you need at least a 500 watt machine to get the job done and this is 600 watts... If you have a generator to replenish and supplement your solar batteries


Sundanzer 12/24 VDC Freezer

This is not the "I have to own this one" freezer, it's to get you started down the 12 volt appliances rabbit hole and definitely shop around and do your research... You would need more than one measly solar panel to power this I'm sure, but it can be done with solar...


Hidden Shackle Lock with Hasp 

PADLOCK APPLICATION: For indoor and outdoor use; Lock and hasp is best used for moving trucks & vans, storage locks, and buildings with sliding doors, hidden shackle design eliminates shackle exposure and protects against bolt cutter attacks 

R-8 Reflective Insulation

Great thermal and vapor barrier, can be used in walls and under sub floor... Double Sided Reflective 1/4 thick foam core, Class 1 Class A ASTM Fire Rating, Blocks radiant heat by up to 95%,Thermal value is unaffected by humidity or moisture...


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