We spend a fair amount of time looking into all the bits and pieces for an off grid tiny lifestyle enviroment. We've compiled a collection of small but useful items for campers, rv's, trailers, tiny houses on wheels or small off grid cabins to enhance your tiny lifestyle. When you make the conscious decision to live tiny you have to downsize everything in your life, sometimes the smaller couterpart to a full size item will work just as well in downsized enviroment, it will take up less space and it will probably consume less energy. This is just a short list of stuff we like and it's here to make you think and to basically be an idea generator for you...   

AmazonBasics AA 1.5 Volt batteries

(100-pack) a great buy-in-bulk option; store for emergencies, 10-year leak-free shelf life, great to have extra batteries on hand at all times in case of winter storms, power outages... Compare the quantity you get here with other name brand batteries and you'll see what a deal that these are...

Balaclava Windproof Breathable Face Mask

Freezing temperatures, wind, snow, sleet, rain, dust, UV rays, and other elements are no match. You can wear this balaclava as a full face mask, open balaclava, half ski mask or neckerchief on its own...

Vremi Countertop Ice Maker

Ice Cubes Ready in 9 Minutes - Makes 26 Pounds Ice in 24 hrs - Perfect for Water Bottles, Mixed Drinks - Portable Stainless Steel Ice Maker with Ice Scoop and Basket

Hot Air Popcorn Popper

Still the best way to make popcorn, no need to keep oil on hand and no oily popcorn, healthier air popped corn... love it !

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

Makes soft, medium, and hard boiled eggs in 12 minutes or less, Boiling tray holds up to 6 eggs, Poaches up to 2 eggs with separate non-stick poaching tray, Scrambling omelette tray...

12V 3W LED Recessed Ceiling Light 4 Pack

12 Volt lighting for low battery drain in your rv, tiny home, off grid cabin... warm white or cool white, made my tiny house quite bright for such a small amount of electricity...

1080P WiFi Security Surveillance Camera

A simple IP camera that will link directly to your router... Compatible with multiple third party softwares like Blue Iris, iSpy, IP Cam viewer, You could also access to web page of camera via IP address directly, inexpensive peace of mind...

Traction Cleats for snow and ice

Yaktrax Pro Traction Cleats instantly provide better traction, confidence and safety for walking, jogging, or hiking on packed snow or ice. Pro Traction Cleats fit over shoes and are secured with a durable rubber strap that ensures an excellent fit...

Instant Pot Duo Mini 7-in-1

Monitors pressure, temperature, keeps time, and adjusts heating intensity and duration to achieve your desired results every time. Prepare dishes up to 70% faster.

Subzero Snow Brush

26 inches long for ample reach and compact storage, Features four rows of sturdy plush bristles for removal of heavy snow, 4" wide scraper blade with tough ice chippers to break through and clear thick ice...

La Crosse Weather Station

Indoor/outdoor temperature (F/C) & humidity (%RH) with min/max records and customizable alerts, Barometric pressure and 24Hr historical graph, Seasonal foliage background changes every 3 months...

Compact Countertop Dishwasher

Energy Star Portable Mini Dish Washer in Stainless Steel Interior for Small Apartment Office and Home Kitchen with 6 Place Setting Rack and Silverware Basket

Stainless Steel Instant Read Thermometer


Thermometer reads between 60° and 580° degrees Fahrenheit / 20° and 300° degrees Celsius... Mechanical thermometer reads instantly and without the need for battery power

Black Nitrile Gloves - 4 mil Latex Free

Excellent elasticity, puncture resistance, and abrasion resistance. boxes of 100 and cases of 1000. gloves come with textured fingers, fingertips, and palms to provide enhanced grip

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Filters up to 1000 liters of contaminated water without iodine, chlorine, or other chemicals, Removes minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites, and filters to 0.2 microns; surpasses EPA filter standards

The Mini Waffle Maker Machine

COMPACT + LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing 1lb+, this is a MUST-HAVE for that first apartment, smaller kitchen, college dorm life, or camper/RV traveling, Make paninis, hash browns, and even biscuit pizzas! 


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