We spend a fair amount of time looking into all the bits and pieces for an off grid tiny lifestyle enviroment. We've compiled a collection of small but useful items for campers, rv's, trailers, tiny houses on wheels or small off grid cabins to enhance your tiny lifestyle. When you make the conscious decision to live tiny you have to downsize everything in your life, sometimes the smaller couterpart to a full size item will work just as well in downsized enviroment, it will take up less space and it will probably consume less energy. This is just a short list of stuff we like and it's here to make you think and to basically be an idea generator for you...   

Anti Slip Grip Traction Tape

EXTREMELY STRONG ADHESIVE - 80 Grit, Aluminum Oxide Coated slip-resistant tap is designed with a Extremely durable weatherproof triple layer adhesive, to make sure your tape does not peel off after a few days of use. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our 365 Day money-back policy.

Portable Inflator, 12V, 150 PSI

INFLATOR features a powerful motor (150 max PSI) that quickly inflates tires (less than 4 minutes for R15 tire) and sporting equipment of all sizes making it the ideal tool for your vehicle (12 volt), 10 foot cord length and 31 inch hose length

Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener

ChickenGuard automatic door openers save you getting up in the morning and protect your chickens from Mr. Fox. Simply press the button if you wish to open & close manually. Door closed indicator light visible up to 100 yards away, Extreme version lifts up to 8lbs...

Pet Bed Warmer

The surface of the bed will rise to about 102 degrees only when the pet is in the bed,  surface of a pet bed about 10-15 degrees above ambient air temperature when inserted inside a pet bed, 11x24 uses only 13 watts...

Single-Spray Shower Head

INTENSELY POWERFUL. Immerse yourself in the steady, intensely powerful full body spray with forceful streams of water to satisfy all of your showering needs, backed by Delta Faucet's Lifetime Limited Warranty, spray options include full body spray and pause

Reusable Rain Ponchos

High strength metal grommets on each corner, by using the grommets you tie it to trees for example to create a makeshift roof over your head to stay dry,   [ LIGHTWEIGHT | WATERPROOF | BREATHABLE ]

Tripwire Emergency Personal Alarm

HOW IT WORKS: Pull the pin to activate the alarm. Re-insert the pin to deactivate the alarm. COMMON USES: Personal Alarm, Criminal Deterrent, Acoustic Animal Repellent, Rescue Signal, Intruder Alert, Tripwire Alarm, Portable Alarm, Survival Kit

iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum

Dual Multi Surface Brushes work together to grab dust, dirt, and large debris; The Auto Adjust cleaning head automatically adapts its height to effectively clean both carpets and hard floors... easily cleans a tiny home in minutes, works with Alexa so you can tell it to clean at any moment with just your voice...

Snowshoes Kit w/2 Trekking Poles

Good to have at least one set on hand just in case, or for fun too... double ratcheting bindings, Heel straps with quick release buckles, curved and slightly upturned rounded tail minimizes the dragging effect when walking forward and increases maneuverability when going backwards.

DC Voltage Regulator

input voltage range is DC 10-75V, adjustable output voltage range is DC 0-60V, can be used to convert 24v to 12v 5v, adjustable output current range is 0-12A, max output power is 720W, the volt reducer comes with a small cooling fan.

Automatic Roof Vent Opener

Perfect for your GREENHOUSE... Solar Univent, Automatic Window Opener Prevent hobby greenhouse overheating, Dual Spring Solar Vent Opener with Stronger Force, up to 30lbs, Starts opening between 59 - 77°F, Replaces manual vent arm, Ideal for your greenhouse window... 

Step Down Voltage Regulator

PARAMETER --- input voltage range DC 6V-32V; output voltage DC 1.5V-32V; max output current 5A, recommend use of within 4.5A; max output power 75W, recommend use of within 50W, FEATURE --- constant current/voltage mode; voltage calibration & current calibration

Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System


Removes 99.99999%* of all bacteria, such as salmonella, cholera, and E.coli, Removes 99.9999%* of all protozoa, such as giardia and cryptosporidium,  Filter rated up to 100,000 gallons,

Survival Kit 14 in 1

Have peace of mind while you're Hiking, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, backpacking, travel or adventures... Comes with: Survival Knife, Pocket Bellow, 2 Carabiner, Wire Saw, Emergency Blanket, Flint stone Scraper, Flashlight, Credit Card Knife, Tactical Pen, Compass, Carabiner, and Waterproof Box.

iCrimp Ratchet PEX Cinch Tool

The complete kit that I am glad I bought, it even came with some of the 1/2 inch crimping rings that I needed to complete my solar hot water creation that I made with PEX piping... Go here to see the results:


Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer

 Measure surface temperatures ranging from -58°f to 716°f/ -50°c to 380°c, and easily switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Its distance-to-spot ratio is 12: 1, so you can get accurate measurements from greater distances. For the best accuracy, the thermometer should be 14 in/ 36 cm away from the object.


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